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Cell Division Inspired Solutions for Life Science

Cell Division is an agency built for the digital world, a think tank of seasoned players in life science and technology focused on what’s next and what it means for our clients. Behind us is a quarter-century legacy of proven success; ahead of us is the future of pharma. In the meantime, we’d like to share some essential facts and ephemera about our business and our people. If that doesn’t hold you, call us. We’ve got more.

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Years in Business


Projects by Month

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  • JAN 18

  • FEB 7

  • MAR 9

  • APR 4

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Number of Clients (People)


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Favorite Client Quotes

I got a standing ovation when I presented (the program)!
That doesn’t happen too often. Thank you!

-A Brand Director on a Cell Division tablet detail launch

This is excellent...I’m super-pleased with this.
Awesome work!!!

-A Product Manager on a key peer-to-peer scientific communication program

I trust (Cell Division) and I rely on your great account team... Plus, you work faster than our promotional AOR, which counts a lot with me.

-A Brand Director on Cell Division’s performance as digital AOR

The critics are unanimous. (Cell Division) smoked it! “Brilliant!” “Every time I see it, I get teary-eyed.” “I got chills.” “It makes me want to go out and sell now.” Well done, gentlemen.

-A Brand Director on a Cell Division field force video

Breakdown of Services by Category

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Services Offered







Distribution of Most Requested Product Offerings


Website Design & Development 48%


Customized Application Development 25%


Content Strategy 12%


User Experience Consulting 10%


Corporate Identity & Branding 5%

Divided by Region

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Number of Physicians Engaged

West 6,386

Southwest 2,878

Midwest 4,532

Northeast 8,521

Southeast 9,437

Physicians and other HCPs can be a tough crowd.
And they should be: their time is valuable, their need for product/disease understanding great, their tolerance for weak communications low. Cell Division has a history of reaching this tough crowd with compelling communications across channels — from rep-delivered digital details and lunch and learns to live events to eDetails. But we’re just getting warmed up as the age of ubiquitous computing dawns, opening new possibilities to reach the right physician, with the right content, through the right channel, at the right time.

Number of Employees

356 Over the last twenty-six years

56 Currently employed

4 Freelancers employed

11 Different countries of origin

13 Different languages spoken

Softball Team

1 The

Games Won


Games Lost


Employee Musical Preferences

  • 65% listen to alternative, rock and hip-hop/rap

  • 25% listen to blues, classical, jazz, and reggae

  • 10% listen to other

Daily Caffeine Consumption

  • Brewed
    Coffee 32

  • Tea 8

  • Energy Drink 5

  • Soda 29

  • Espresso Shot 11

  • Frapaccino 18

  • Coffee from
    Leading Retail Chain 42

Estimated Annual Caffeine Consumption

432.6 ounces

That’s a whopping 12,264,000 MG of caffeine per year